Hans A Göttsch, 18371910 (aged 73 years)

Hans A /Göttsch/
Given names
Hans A
Given names
Birth March 23, 1837 46 35
Note: The following chruch birth record was provided by William R Gottsch.
Death of a paternal grandmotherSielk Steffen
October 30, 1841 (aged 4 years)
MarriageAnna SchlapkohlView this family
1860 (aged 22 years)

Birth of a sonHenry Goettsch
April 12, 1861 (aged 24 years)
Birth of a daughterEmma Goettsch
February 16, 1863 (aged 25 years)
Birth of a sonWilliamGoettsch
1864 (aged 26 years)

Birth of a daughterMina Goettsch
1866 (aged 28 years)
Birth of a sonRudolphGoettsch
November 1869 (aged 32 years)
Birth of a sonGeorge Goettsch
April 4, 1870 (aged 33 years)
Birth of a daughterLauraGoettsch
January 28, 1875 (aged 37 years)
Birth of a daughterOlga Göttsch
July 20, 1876 (aged 39 years)
Death of a daughterOlga Göttsch
March 23, 1878 (aged 41 years)
Note: Olga's head stone is broken and is in need of restoration. It was found leaning against a headstone in an adjacent plot. A small lower-portion of the headstone containing the date of death is located near the Hans and Anna's family marker, and is below the surface of the ground and leaning in such a manner as one can only feel the date of death with ones finger tips.
Birth of a sonEdward BGoettsch
July 12, 1879 (aged 42 years)
Marriage of a childHeinrich Wilhelm RohlkEmma GoettschView this family
January 12, 1883 (aged 45 years)
Marriage of a childLouis J JarchowMina GoettschView this family
November 5, 1884 (aged 47 years)

Marriage of a childHenry GoettschAugusta StrickerView this family
December 18, 1888 (aged 51 years)
Marriage of a childWilliamGoettschAmelia LangmannView this family
February 19, 1889 (aged 51 years)

Death of a brotherJochim Göttsch
November 25, 1892 (aged 55 years)
Note: I located the obit of Jochim Goettsch. From the Da…

I located the obit of Jochim Goettsch. From the Davenport Leader, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa dated Saturday November 26, 1892: GOETTSCH

Jochim Goettsch, an old resident of Rockingham, died at his home there Thursday, aged about 70 years. Mr. Goettsch was a bachelor. He was a farmer in former days, and had before that been a miner in the west. He accumulated quite a comfortable property throught his exertions, and was able to live comfortably. His relatives are his brother, Hans Asmus Goettsch of New Liberty, and a sister whose residence is not known. (this is typed as written in paper. Also, Rockingham is/was a part of Davenport.)

Reported by Linda Danielson

Rockingham. Located on the Mississippi River, 4 miles southwest of Davenport and 6 miles northeast of Buffalo, at the southwest corner of Davenport city limits in Rockingham Twp., Section 8. Post office established March 11, 1837, John H. Sullivan, postmaster and discontinued December 16, 1847.

Death of a sisterCecilia Göttsch
October 4, 1894 (aged 57 years)
Note: -

Rootsweb http://www.rootsweb.com/~iasioux/cemetery/cem_steines.htm

STOLTENBERG,Siele b.24 Nov 1824 d. 4 Oct 1894 Grandmother Grace Hill Cem Hawarden IA

Marriage of a childEdward BGoettschMable Mary RohseView this family
February 19, 1902 (aged 64 years)
Marriage of a childGeorge GoettschEmma MoellerView this family
December 30, 1903 (aged 66 years)
Death of a wifeAnna Schlapkohl
February 23, 1907 (aged 69 years)
Death November 1, 1910 (aged 73 years)
Address: One of the family members of Henry Goettsch, recalls the story of Hans Goettsch, visiting Holstein Iowa for the first time, getting sick, going to the hospital and passing away. The Ida County Courthouse Death Index Records shows a recordfor Hans Goettsch and a death date of 1 Nov, 1910 lending credence to this story. http://www.rootsweb.com/~iaida/ctdein/g.htm James M Fulford
Family with parents
Birth: February 6, 1791 22 24Gadersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Birth: December 5, 1801 34 21Gadersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Marriage MarriageSeptember 30, 1824
2 months
elder sister
Birth: November 24, 1824 33 22Gadersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Death: October 4, 1894Hawarden, Iowa
2 years
elder brother
Birth: December 16, 1826 35 25Gatersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Death: November 25, 1892Rockingham (Davenport), Iowa
10 years
Birth: March 23, 1837 46 35Gatersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Death: November 1, 1910Holstein, Ida County, Iowa
Family with Anna Schlapkohl
Birth: March 23, 1837 46 35Gatersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Death: November 1, 1910Holstein, Ida County, Iowa
Birth: July 17, 1839 33 34Stakendorf, Germany
Death: February 23, 1907Iowa
Marriage Marriage1860
16 months
Birth: April 12, 1861 24 21Scott County, Iowa
Death: September 7, 1931Lutheran Hospital, Sioux City, IA
23 months
23 months
3 years
Birth: 1866 28 26New Liberty, Iowa
Death: January 25, 1946Rock County
4 years
Birth: November 1869 32 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: November 28, 1950Yellow Medicine, Minnesota
5 months
Birth: April 4, 1870 33 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: October 23, 1931Minneapolis, Minnesota
5 years
18 months
Birth: July 20, 1876 39 37New Liberty, Iowa
Death: March 23, 1878New Liberty, Iowa
3 years
Birth: July 12, 1879 42 39New Liberty, Iowa
Death: 1946

The following chruch birth record was provided by William R Gottsch.


The Gold Ring 23 February 2006 - 6:41:45am

Donna Goettsch Willems wrote:

"I don't remember any more which of the brothers of Henry's or maybe a brother of Han's went west to partake in the gold rush. Which ever of the brothers it was returned with a mans ring made of pure gold. It was to be passed down to the oldest Goettsch boy of the family. My grandfather Edward had the ring and when he died my father Earl was given the ring. When my father died my mother gave the ring to Loren because my parents had no sons. As far as I know we never knew what happened to this relative. Maybe Aunt Marj would know more about this story."

This is a great story. Thanks Donna. A possible source of the Gold Ring may be Joachim Gottsch Han's brother. Click on his name above and study the sources. The 1880 US Census shows him living with Hans and Anna. The 1870 US Census shows a Joseph Gottsch working at the Cedar Creek Mine at Missoula, Montana. If any one can shed light on the Gold Ring story, please do.

James M. Fulford - Son of Helen Goettsch Fulford

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Note: On the back side of the photo, are notes that appear to be reprint instructons written by a someone at the J. M. Lenz Photo store.We interpet them as follows: "Mr Hans Gotsch, W. Liberty, Iowa. 1 16 x 20 ??????. Bust of each together on one picture cross ways."
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Note: This home is part of the Hans A Goettsch addition…

This home is part of the Hans A Goettsch addition to the town of New liberty, and is located at 630 Main Street, New Liberty. The land for the addition was part of the Goettsch farm in section 20 and was likely the first home of 10 or 12 homes built on this addition. This house is located about 600 to 800 feet from Hans and Anna's farm house, and other farm buildings of which parts are still standing or incorporated into newer structures today.

This home, pictured here, is likely their retirement home, and I would estamate it was built sometime around 1900 to 1905 as Scott county records show that Peter Fink owned the Goettsch farm in 1905.

James M Fulford

Photo and note sumitted by Marjorie Goettsch Johnson and her daughter Ann Crume.

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Note: One of the last owners of this house, finally sold this home, after years of neglect, on the condition that it would be restored. Bill August, of New Liberty, handled the restoration.
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Note: Goettsch Hans and Anna Farmstead as it looks on 4 Aug 2006. The small building with a chimney is the wash house.
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Note: The Hans and Anna Goettch house is located on lot number 2 on Main Streed between Clevland and Union Street. .
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Note: Nr.33 (1837) März 23 / April 24

Nr.33 (1837) März 23 / April 24 Hans Asmus, ehel. aus Gäderstorf V: Ew. Peter Götsch, lodger, M: Trine geb. Wiese. Gev. 1. Hans Seiffert, Kätner 2. Thomas Schütt, 3. Frau Trin Seiffert, alle aus Schönberg

Nr. 33 1837 born March 23, baptized April 24 Hans Asmus, legitimate child from Gäderstorf. Father: Peter Götsch, lodger, Mother: Trine born Wiese. Godparents: 1. Hans Seiffert, cottage man, 2. Thomas Schütt, 3. Mrs. Trin Seiffert, all from Schönberg