17 February 2012 - 5:58:41pm

I wish to thank all of you who have contributed information and photographs to this website. They have enriched the study with a wealth of personal interest.

Unfortunately, many of the photos on this site have been copied and incorporated into other sites without carrying forward the source of the photo or recognizing the contrbution of others. This is unscrupulous, insensitive, plagiaristic and among other things, unprofessional.

To make matters worse, many of the copied photos have been placed in non public sites such as, which charge a fee to view them. I am sure the contributors of these photos would have second thoughts about their contribution, knowing that people would have to pay to view the photos they freely contributed.

Please, if you copy photos from this site, carry source credits forward and place copied photos only on public accessible no-fee sites.

Yours truly,

James M Fulford

See the bottom of this page to send an email to "James M Fulford" regarding issues with this site.
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Abraham Karp ‎(I386)‎
Birth 5 January 1915 38 22 -- Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
Death 26 February 2012 ‎(Age 97)‎ -- Bloomington, Hennepin, Minnesota
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Fisher, Clarence Sumner Clarence Sumner18 October 1870148Birth 
Goettsch, Ralph E Ralph E18 October 1904114Birth 
Göttsch, Marx
Schneekloth, Beck
Marx18 October 1835183Marriage 

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The boy in this photo is Willard G. Fulford. We are sure the woman is Ruth B. Parker Fulford, wife of Eliphalet Fulford. Ruth B Fulford, wife of Eliphalet Fulford, is buried at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. Her name appears in the Lakewood Cemetery web site and the calculated birth year matches her birth year. Upon examining the actual burial plot record at the cemetery office, Ruth was in a plot that was owned by James E Rowe who is the brother of Lizzie Rowe ‎(wife of Ruth's son George Fulford)‎. Perhaps after Eliphalet died, Ruth moved to Minneapolis to live with George, which explains the location of her final resting place and the reason we believe she is in the photo with her grandson Willard.

Update 8 Oct 2007: The 1895 MN Territorial Census shows Ruth B. Fulford living with her son George Fulford in Minneapolis.

James M Fulford

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